I watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse weeks ago and I’m probably late to the party now, but like many others, I was also inspired to draw my own #spidersona !  I haven’t drawn for fun in so long, and somehow, this movie got me out of a rut and pushed me to start, stay patient, excited, and keep drawing till I finish. I have no crazy backstory or fleshed-out profile of my Spidersona except that it’s inspired by my go-to clothing pieces: sweaters, skinny jeans, comfy wool socks, either my black chelsea boots or bulky red patent Doc Martens, and leather (faux, of course) everything!

I can’t express how incredibly in-love I am with this movie—definitely the best movie I’ve seen since “Mad Max: Fury Road”. It’s a bit hard to swallow that to this day, cartoons are still seen as “for kids” and unworthy of merit and some people refuse to consider Spider-verse as a “real” movie, but STILL! What a time to be alive! I’m glad that it even got made in the first place at all…and for that, I’m thankful.

To the gods and goddesses who brought us this gorgeous creation, congratulations on winning the 2019 Critic’s Choice “Best Animated Movie” award, and the 2019 Golden Globes’ “Best Motion Picture- Animated”! Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication! Your persistence and skill inspire us all.