Ryuu Mask (Manga Version) – Moodswings Series


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The Ryuu Mask in Manga Style is my latest original design. This time, I veered away from my usual choice of hard enamel to give this design a manga (Japanese comics) look. The metal comes in blue with a fill of white soft enamel.

During an uncomfortable weekend of recovering from dental surgery pain, the word “Moodswings” came to mind. The graphic designer part of me started translating the word into logos. One of the ideas I came up with were theater masks: happy and sad. I always loved Japanese masks so naturally, I injected some Japanese inspiration into the theater mask concept. I ended up with Kitsune and Ryuu designs. The series title “Moodswings” doesn’t make sense anymore since this design evolved so far away from my original idea, but regardless, I like origin stories so I kept referring to it as the “Moodswings” project.

Ryuu is the Japanese word for “dragon”. Dragons appear in Japanese literature and culture as water deities. I was inspired by shapes associated with water such as waves and referenced Hokusai. In my Moodswings Series, Ryuu symbolizes ferocity and strength. More mad than sad, and probably a representation of my aching gums at the time.


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